about us

"There are two types of people in this world: one, who opens a packet of biscuits, has one and puts

The rest back in the cupboard, and one who eats the whole packet in one go."

Rich with a legacy spanning close to five fruitful decades, Apsara Biscuits has carved its niche as one of the pioneering food brands in India. Right from its inception in 1965 born out of the vision of Shri B.D Mutreja, Apsara Biscuits has grown leaps and bounds with its authentic and vivid taste varieties winning more than just hearts across the nation. Thanks to its adherence to quality and passion to innovate and delight with every passing day, the very mention of Apsara Biscuits continues to light up innumerable hearts and minds of the people.

The philosophy that drives us all at Apsara Biscuits is to wholeheartedly produce biscuits which adhere to international quality, world-class hygiene standards, food safety norms and tasteful guidelines to lend that wholesome healthy taste to every offering. Reason why, every esteemed member at Apsara biscuits is committed to owning this philosophy, and has the skills along with the drive and zeal to produce the most admired tastes from the brand stable of Apsara Biscuits.

There's no magic wand to success and no shortcuts to win hearts of our consumers. Therefore it's our endeavor to constantly update our taste and quality. Going to any lengths to maintain those great levels of quality standards our dear customers yearn for. That's our mantra to connect with the market to deliver iconic and incredible brands.

Over the decades, we've not just ruled the hearts, we've also firmly maintained enviable category leadership all thanks to our anticipation of consumer needs and realizing them effectively. We have kept pace with their ever changing taste palates and habits. Needless to say our customers vouch for our authentic and unique tastes, with flavors and toppings to keep their taste buds ticking along.

Aided with a sound strategic vision and direction, we at Apsara Biscuits has successfully transformed the biscuit eating habits of consumers by making them an everyday necessity and less of a luxury indulgence as it used to be earlier. From the day brand Apsara Biscuts was born, the motto has been "BEST QUALITY BISCUITS".


Our mission is to consolidate our long term presence in the food industry by strengthening consumer loyalties, enhancing efficiency and building profitability by providing superior line-up of products and services at competitive prices.

More so, we firmly believe in conducting business in a constructive and ethical manner that is mutually profitable for our customers, employees, our suppliers and the community as a whole. Our commitment to the values of quality, credibility, cost effectiveness and people are keys to our success.


With a vision to be a leading & forward looking food company, we are wholeheartedly committed to satisfy consumers' tastes with a delightful, healthy & hygienic product range, and forging relationships that'll last forever.


Our organizational culture is all about connecting and reaching out. Building an adaptive culture that is aligned with the beliefs of clients, customers and stakeholders.


Our achievements speak for themselves. Without continual growth and progress, such word achievement has no meaning.

Achievements can be big or small, very impressive or rather simple. For us an achievements is anything that includes:

  • Enjoyed doing it

  • Did it well

  • Gained satisfaction from it

  • Are proud of it

Our Export is credited with increasing sales 300% in last three years by exporting in more than 15 countries worldwide.

Apsara Biscuits is gaining momentum in the global market now.