The range of Apsara Biscuits are thoughtfully assorted and presented in smart, stylishly designed sustainable packaging. Taking immense pride in finest pure ingredients that goes in creation of every product, every biscuit promises a world of immense delight. As a responsible manufacturer, we have always maintained extensive state-of-the-art procedures to control the safety and quality of products at all forms and stages, be it suppliers or distributors through stringent processing, packaging and distribution modules.

To help ensure that we provide products that safely, consistently and effectively meet the expectations of our customers, our quality standards are constantly reviewed, analyzed and audited to ensure they are thoroughly effective and up-to-date.

At Apsara Biscuits we have created a diverse range of delectable biscuit delights, encompassing unique tasting flavors, fillings and textures. Our biscuits and snacking delights are available in a variety of heartwarming packaging options to suit every mood or occasion. Not to mention a shelf life between 9 months to 24 months that makes them even more special.


Sourcing – Production – Packaging

Right from sourcing the finest ingredients to producing fine tasting biscuits to presenting them to consumers in stylishly alluring packaging styles, we at Apsara Biscuits put our best foot forward in every aspect. This whole process is realized in our sophisticated plants incorporating state-of-the-art technology and methodologies. Topped with our policy that's focused on quality and dedication for long-term commitments to our partners, wholesale channels and consumers.